CLIENT NAME: Jason and Jenny Horn

DATE: Dec 20, 2018

 “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The bathroom is gorgeous! From the design and selections to the project management, we truly appreciate the work you put into the bathroom. You have a great talent with the way you were able to maximize the space and deliver on our functional priorities AND make it GRAND.”

CLIENT NAME: Tim and Carrie Hinde

DATE: Sept 26, 2018

 “Brittany & Allison –

 Wow! How to put into words how amazing you both are!?!

 Every step of the process for our master bath renovation was completely do-able because of you both and Christian’s crew!

 We can’t fully express how grateful we are to have such a beautiful space in our home due to your ability to hear our likes, dislikes, your attention to every detail, your impeccable taste in decor and your efficient & respectful crew for the de+construction of the project.

 We adore the thoughtful gifts you generously left for us as well!

 Thank you all for A+, 110% job you tended to through completion – we are thrilled to tears with our special space!

 Best to you both!”

CLIENT NAME: Jesse Mullins / CRC, Senior Financial Advisor

DATE: Jul 19 , 2017

 "I have an office in Anderson Township. We were thinking of relocating to a new space. Our current spot was outdated and not functional as we had grown from an office of three to an office of seven.

Brittany and Allison came in and completely opened our eyes to the potential of our existing space. With their knowledge and leadership, we were able to transform our existing space. This saved us the hassle of relocating, not to mention $$$.

Our employees are much more comfortable and it's been fun watching the reaction of our long time clients when they come in and see our new look! A few of them have expressed how badly we needed the updates. If you are looking for a professional vision, I strongly recommend the girls at FOUNDRYno.201."


CLIENT NAME: Brooke Mullins

DATE: Nov 14 , 2016

 "Women Helping Women -- it occurred to me the other day how many talented women I am surrounded by every single day, particularly women entrepreneur's. I saw this quote the other day, "Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back." Isn't that the truth though. There's something about a group of women coming together sharing their talents and lifting one another up. It's good for the soul.

I am lucky enough to have a talent that is easy to barter with. I can't tell you how many times I've swapped a photography session for a custom piece of art, graphic design services, yoga sessions, leadership consulting and much more.

My most recent swap was for an interior design consultation with friends over at FOUNDRYno.201. Since I love all things design it was always hard for me to justify hiring an interior designer. I thought I was capable of doing it myself, plus my philosophy was the money I would spend on the design services could go towards one more piece of furniture or home accessory. Thus, in the end saving me money. It took the help of a good friend, whom I trust, to convince me otherwise.

Here's what I learned:
1. Give them an honest working budget. They don't care what your budget is they just want to design a really smart and functional space for you at any cost.

2. Be open minded. I admit, I was scared at first. I like the control of being able to pick things out myself and what if I don't like the design. For instance, on install day I see this large gold rock looking thing come through my front door and I'm not so sure it's going to work. But it did and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Plus it's nothing I would have done on my own or without a professional.

3. Interior Designers can and will save you money. I can't tell you how many times over the years I've bought something that I had no idea where I was going to put it or whether or not it was going to fit once I got it home. Professionals actually go shopping with a plan. They have tape measures with dimensions of my room already written down. They have a list of what is needed in the room and pictures of my style inspiration to match what I already have. They best part for me was that they set everything up and said live with it for a few days. We want you to love it before you keep it!!

Thank you FOUNDRYno.201 for having my back and being my tribe. We love it!"


CLIENT NAME: Jenali Bricher / J. Bricher Photography

DATE: Jan 20, 2016

 "Allison, one of the founders, has done two different graphic designs for my business J.Bricher Photography over the last few years. They have been superb. She was super professional, gave many beautiful options, and really took my requests to heart. I could not be any happier and I definitely look forward to using FOUNDRYno.201 for all future business and personal needs. I would recommend them to everyone!"


CLIENT NAME: Jason Beischel

DATE: Jan 11, 2016

 "We have known Brittany for many years and have had the pleasure of working with her on several creative projects in our home. Most recently, she helped us reconfigure our basement to include a full service bar, theatre area, play area, and a half bath. With her talent and innovative ideas, she was able to do all of that and actually increase the amount of usable space and seating. If you are looking for a gifted visionary that always places the clients' needs well above her own, Brittany and foundryno201 should be your first call. I know they will continue to be mine."