Since the 1950's, the American home has not evolved with the needs and lifestyles of the American family.  Accelerated mobile technological use, aging baby boomers, and boomerang children are leading to a new idea of American residential living. Advancements in technology have changed the way we socialize and communicate with each other.  Americans are living longer, healthier lives causing a shift in the overall age of the population.  Children of empty nesters are boomeranging back into the home, emerging as independent adults more slowly than past generations.  This project re-creates the American home to accommodate the new lifestyles being created by these trends. 

The kitchen island becomes the center of the home to create a focus on bringing people together around food as a social activity.  Creating several different workstations that are adaptable and accessible for the diverse group of people occupying the space will encourage social interactions while they prepare and eat meals together.